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Dear Mike,

 It’s hard to believe that August is right around the corner!  Our CD, “Made Of Stars” has done really well on radio and press over the last few months. I’ve received emails from people all over the world who have ordered it and told me how much they’ve enjoyed it.

 They would have never heard it had it not been for you and other stations! So I want to thank you once again!. The DJ’s who are allowed to select what’s played on the air, go far beyond the call of duty to get unknown music heard. It’s quite an effort to wade through piles of CD’s to find one that’s special but it’s a real service you perform for the public.

 Since the 70’s I created my own Americana sound and chose not to be commercial or to court major labels. I don’t do this to make a lot of money. It’s really for the love and I’m so appreciative that you took the time to listen (and best of all spin the CD).

As a result of radio play,I’ve received emails from people I don't know, mainly travelers and musicians, who live or used to live in New Orleans and who heard my song, “Lake Pontchartrain”. Most said they wept with both sadness and joy when they heard it because it expressed what they felt when they first crossed that bridge going back home or visiting New Orleans after Katrina. One said, “I wanted to get past the hate and despair (of Katrina) and your song (Lake Pontchartrain) took me where I needed to go next inside my heart.”

“Boys In The Cornfield”, a song about the Civil War, is another song that received a lot of responses. They felt it “vivid and chilling as it speaks to today’s generation”. “Mercy”, “Mentone” and “Mattie” and the covers were favorites but “Beautiful Ride” and “Made Of Stars” were the other two songs that seemed to touch people deeply.  For Beautiful Ride, one said, “…finally a love song that’s mature and real”.

 This is all because of you!!

 Thank you so much!                                                                                

Sally Spring

Sam L. Wellington (Franklin, TN)

Founder of the Fabulous Four Guys & Author

“Ever since I began working with RB Renegade on “The My Country Radio Show” on NBRN.FM, the sales of my book “Who Wants To Be A Country Music Star” have increased”

Linda Welby (Ireland)

Singer, Songwriter & Radio Show Host

“I often travel to Nashville and I count on NBRN.FM for the best information on where to stay and what is happening in my second home – Nashville, Tennessee”

Doris E. Hays (Topeka, IL)


“I have been a regular listener of NBRN.FM since it first went on the air – I have seen it grow to be one of the Top 10 Internet Radio stations playing country music!  My music has been heard around the world and I have received international recognition solely due to NBRN.FM!

Kaye Skonieczny (Denver, CO)

National Director, Partner Programs, LLS

“The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has increased its exposure and sent its message worldwide with the help of NBRN.FM – Thank you to NBRN and the entire country music community in Nashville!”

Hi RB. I am in Graz, Austria today and listened to the "Country Legends"
show on my laptop. I am very grateful to you and NBRN.FM for all of your
support for the new CD and I hope to talk to you again soon. Keep up the
great work for country music.

Larry Patton

Thanks so much for supporting new artists, I have you on at work ALL day!
You are giving more support than our Local radio station in Vancouver!...Keep it Country

Adrian Blake

Thank you for chosing to play my music on your station. I love the selection you play, and all my fans are directed to tune in. The fact that you broadcast online is absolutely fantastic, as people from all over the world can now listen! Keep up the great work! Smiles, Laura-Lee Blake Canadian Country Music Artist/Songwriter.

Sending Love from Sarnia Ontario Canada, Hope you like My Song Send Me A Cowboy and Thanks again for being not only understanding but great.
I really enjoy listening to your radio station and well be truely honored to have my music apart of its greatness.

Deanna Beauvais

I just found this site and gotta say, I didn't think they played real country in Nashville anymore, but I was wrong! Good job.

Ted Hackleman

Great listening, brings back memories, we spent 2 weeks in Nashvile last year and hung out at Rudis Country Music Cafe. Cant wait to come back to the US and Nashville especially.
Joe & Deb Australia


 I work in the office of a small firm, all day I spend at the computer, often listen to your radio station, and the whole staff of our organization is listening to you, we are almost the fans of your radio, really like your music , leading programs. Always interesting to hear what is happening in neighboring countries. Hard working days, your radio is helping ordinary office manager to work out all week and on Friday evening when labor weekdays have been completed, your radio is helping to distract from the work and calmly to the weekend with his family. But in our country there is no opportunity to see small souvenirs with logos of your radio, such as a corporate icon, pens, pencils, cord with carabiner, bottle opener, a lighter, stickers, t-shirts , backpacks. ... All that can remind me of your radio. I am writing to request you to send me if you have such a product with your logo, if it does not entail significant costs for your radio. I would be very grateful.

Sincerely your fan and admirer.
 Thank you for your work.

First name: Stanislav
Last name: Barabash
Address: Kirova 17/133
City: Krivoy Rog
State: Dnepropetrovskaja
Postal Code: 50038
Country: Ukraine

A big shout out to NBRN.FM - the only internet radio station to give the best blend of country & gospel music. I thank you kindly for playing my songs and supporting Chris Green Project. A special thanks to Mike and his 'Let Er Rip' show reaching out around the world - it's the best. UK

Many thanks for giving my song Feel The Country a spin I appreciate it and feel very flattered. I wish your station all succes... Dave Weston KZN South Africa

Thanks Mike and Keith, for playing all the Indie songs out there and mine. NBRN.FM is a great place to show case a singer/songwriter's Music.
Irv Ferguson

 very good Radio station, indeed !! best regards from france, bernard

Randy Floyd 

Thanks a million for playing my music. You really know and support Country Music. It makes me very proud to know you.

David Ward 

Keep up the great work and Thanks for all your help and advice in making my dreams come true.

Great Music! Keep up the good work NBRN.FM! 
Matt Hews 

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